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Blue Beetle: This character’s death was not in the original script

One of the best received aspects of Blue Beetle is dealing with emotions around the protagonist Jaime Reyes. In order to create endearing moments in the film, the producers had to introduce us to each and every member of the young hero’s family to give more meaning to his journey. For this reason, Blue Beetle […]

Mother’s Day: As the era changed, the mother of cinema changed, from the mother who shot the son read these 10 interesting characters – mother’s day special bollywood 10 best movies related to maa

The belief in Sanatan culture is that while the son may be broken, the mother is never a Kumata. Therefore, mother’s service is considered greater happiness than heaven. Many films based on mother’s sacrifice and sacrifice have been made in Hindi cinema. Today, on Mother’s Day, let’s learn about 10 such films where the mother […]

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