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Shy bloodsuckers in ‘Humanist vampire seeks consenting suicide bombers’ – The Hollywood Reporter

Finding a good movie title can be difficult. Bad ones are far more common (in 2015 The Hollywood Reporter listed Dude, where’s my car?, Freddy was fingered And Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones among the 50 worst of all time). That’s why when a stunning name lands on a filmmaker’s lap, […]

Pinochet is a vampire in the trailer for Pablo Larraín’s new film

Renowned director Pablo Larraín’s new film titled will be released next month on Netflix To count. Below we share the details of this promising black and white production in which the Chilean dictator and soldier Augusto Pinochet – one of the most notorious figures in Latin American history – becomes a vampiric presence, half-cynical and […]

Paul Wesley on Why He Doesn’t Miss the Role of Stefan in The Vampire Diaries – The Hollywood Reporter

Paul Wesley may have won hearts with the hit teen drama the Vampire Diariesbut he admits he doesn’t miss playing the younger Salvatore brother. During a recent interview with InStylePublished online on Thursday, the actor opened up about his role as Stefan, a cute but brooding vampire, and why he “would never harm, let alone […]

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