The Transformers reign once again at the box office (albeit without authority)

The battle for the top of the box office has finally settled on the contender… at least in the United States, not Spain.

In his coming outTransformers: Rise of the Beasts‘ has (always) raised approximately $60 million from 3,678 theaters in the United States, approximately $15 million more than the previous installment in the franchise, “Transformers: The Last Knight”. Better predictions, although his North American business career will likely be as boring as “Fast & Furious X‘; It’s even likely that it will struggle to surpass the 130 million mentioned above “Transformers: The Last Knight” Recall that the 2017 collection was the lowest-grossing episode of any Michael Bay-directed film.

In the rest of the world, the film has grossed 110 million viewers, 40 of them in China and just over one in Spain, where it was not enough to top the box office. ‘Spider-Man: Across the Multiverseis again the most-watched series of the week in our country, with a moderate drop of 44% compared to the premiere. In their country of origin, they left a little more at 54%, which is still quite good, which is why they could not reconfirm their leadership role.

But after grossing around 55 million in the United States this weekend and another 47 million in the rest of the world, the film has already managed to surpass the records of in just ten days “Spider-Man: A New Universe”, both national and global: the first collected 190 and 384 million in 2018, while the second already reaches 225 and 390. Ascending trend. Let’s remember, the cost of production is only 100 million …

…unlike, for example, that of ‘The little mermaid‘, so 250 million. The global total is only 415 million, a very modest number for what we were used to at Disney up until the launch of Disney+, I don’t know, and what that all entailed…? In the meantime ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3‘ has already passed the 800 million mark.

On his second weekend’The black man‘ raised 44% less than the first weekend and raised almost 7 million, bringing the national total to 25. For his part on his second weekend ‘past lives‘ took in 124% more than the first… after expanding from 4 theaters to 26, that’s right: $520,000, which leaves us with an average of 20,000 per theater. Again the best of the week.

Finally, highlight the 60 million raised in two weeks.The summary: No way out‘ in their country of origin; two-thirds of the 99 million raised by its predecessor in 2022, “The abstract”. Get over it? Will we see a fourth part? Will we ever get tired of Ma Dong-Seok’s face slapping?

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