There’s always someone more insatiable than you. The Unknown trailer

Filmax presents the official trailer of ‘The unknown woman‘, the film adaptation of the successful play personal hygiene by Paco Bezerra directed by Pablo Maqueda (‘Dear Werner (Walking on Cinema)’). The film is a Fórmula Cine AIE and Elamedia Estudios production and revolves around Carolina, a naïve and charming young woman who meets Leo through a conversation.

He’s actually a grown man posing as a 16-year-old boy who tricked himself into meeting her in a secluded city park. But when Leo meets Carolina, he begins to suspect that maybe she isn’t as innocent and harmless as she seems.

Laia Manzanares, Manolo Solo, Eva Llorach and Blanca Pars lead the cast in this suspense thriller written by Maqueda himself, alongside Haizea G. Viana and the original’s author, the aforementioned Paco Bezerra.

After passing the Málaga Festival last March ‘The unknown woman“ will be released in Spanish cinemas on June 9th.

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