Trailer for “Vincent Must Die”.

With you the official trailer of ‘Vincent has to die“, a film directed by Stphan Castang based on a screenplay by Mathieu Naert, in which Karim Leklou plays an ordinary man who is suddenly attacked by various strangers with clear murderous intentions.

Suddenly and without any apparent explanation.

A film that I couldn’t handle “Stop thinking like some kind of extended episode of ‘The Collapse’.” when I saw it at the last edition of the Sitges Festival. Or that it could have worked as a series, with each chapter exploring its starting point in a different way.

“It’s what has such a suggestive premise and offers so many possibilities: that the option you chose may not be the most powerful, nor the one that attracts you the most.”. Anyway, in the words of one server, that’s what it’s all about “A solid proposal, always interesting and fascinating, and which deals with very interesting ideas weighed down by the feeling that they are, despite everything, stumbling along without ever exploding or even knowing where they are leading.”.

Vincent has to die‘ will be released in French cinemas on November 15th, while it will be released in Spanish cinemas on a date to be determined by La Aventura Audiovisual.

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