Trillion from “Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose”, black comedy with Simon Pegg

Saban Films released the official trailer for “Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose‘, black comedy starring Simon Pegg (‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout‘) as a psychologist commissioned to study a possibly talking animal. The film is slated to open in US theaters on September 1st.

According to the official synopsis, famous paranormal psychologist Dr. Nandor Fodor (Pegg) as he investigates a family’s claims about a talking animal, a mysterious web of ulterior motives. Soon everyone becomes a suspect in Dr. Fodor’s relentless search for the truth.

Written and directed by Adam Singal, the film is described as a highly entertaining adventure based (possibly) on a true story set in 1935 London. Alongside Pegg, the film also stars Minnie Driver as Anne, Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Harry, Paul Kaye as Maurice and author Neil Gaiman as the voice of Gef.

The film is being produced by Sasha Yelaun, Dominic Burns, Karl Hall and Matt Williams, with Chelsea Newell, James Di Giacomo, Danny Hügel, Rob McGillivray and Ben Stranahan serving as executive producers.

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