Welcome on board. Trailer for “The Curse of the Queen Mary”

Here we go with the trailer for the psychological horror film:The Curse of Queen Mary“starring Alice Eve, Nell Hudson and Joel Fry, which opens August 18 in select US theaters and on VOD. For its part, it will arrive in Spain on February 2, 2024, hand in hand with Diamond Films.

When photographers Erin and Patrick, along with their son Lukas, board the transatlantic ship Queen Mary, considered one of the most haunted places on earth, a series of horrific events unfold, tying the young family to the ship’s dark past .

The film tells three interconnected stories, oddly filmed aboard the Queen Mary herself, a ship notorious for being one of the most haunted places on earth. Currently, the ship serves as a tourist attraction and houses a museum, hotel and restaurants.

Directed by Irishman Gary Shore (“Dracula: The Untold Legend‘) based on a screenplay by Shore himself and Tom Vaughan. The cast of the film is completed by William Shockley, Tim Downie, Angus Wright, Jim Piddock, Lenny Rushy and Alfredo Tavares, among others.

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