Where is the new James Bond? Producer Barbara Broccoli speaks

Although there has been a lot of talk in recent months about possible future candidates for the James Bond reboot, it seems it will be a while before we meet Daniel Craig’s successor. During a recent interview with The Guardian, franchise producer Barbara Broccoli wanted to update the status of the franchise.

The executive acknowledged that this was still the case “A great road lies ahead of us”and that, contrary to all speculation, “They haven’t even started developing the next chapter of the 007 series yet.”. Additionally, Broccoli reconfirmed that the next episode would once again reflect the current world period.

“Daniel gave us the opportunity to exploit the character’s emotional life… and the world was ready for it.”Broccoli said. “I think these films reflect the times they are in. There’s still a long way to go to reinvent the next chapter, and we haven’t even started yet.”.

Finally, the producer spoke about the time it will take to reboot the franchise: “Our focus is on producing feature films. When we start a Bond film it requires our full attention for three or four years, so that is our focus.”.

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