Will Killers on the Moon be the highest-grossing film of Martin Scorsese’s career?

According to initial estimates for Martin Scorsese’s new film “The Moon KillersThe film is expected to gross approximately $24 million in its opening weekend in the United States. With a budget of 200 million dollars, the film will be released in cinemas worldwide on October 20th.

Scorsese’s last film was “the Irish people“, a limited release that came out in 2019 and grossed $7 million in North American theaters and another $1 million in other territories. A few weeks later the film would appear on Netflix…

The filmmaker’s highest-grossing project to date is “The Wolf of Wall Street‘, whose worldwide box office revenue was $406.9 million. The film grossed $19.4 million in its first weekend, so “The Moon Killers‘ has a chance to break that record as its first weekend numbers are even better.

The story stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Jesse Plemons, Lily Gladstone, Tantoo Cardinal, John Lithgow and Brendan Fraser, among others, and is set in the early 20th century when oil brings the Osage Nation a fortune that disappears overnight one of the richest cities in the world. The wealth of these Native Americans immediately attracts white invaders, who manipulate the Osage, blackmail them, and steal everything they can before resorting to murder.

Based on true events told through the unlikely romance between Ernest Burkhart (DiCaprio) and Mollie Kyle (Gladstone), Killers of the Flower Moon is an epic crime western where true love and unspeakable betrayal intersect.

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