New promotional video for The Hunger Games: Ballad of Singing Birds and Serpents

Here we go with a new promotional video from “The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Serpents“, adaptation of the novel of the same name by celebrated American writer and screenwriter Suzanne Collins, presented as a prequel to the original trilogy and the fifth film in the saga. The video features The Academy, an elite school for the children of the richest and most powerful in the world of the Hunger Games.

Directed by Francis Lawrence from a script by Michael Arndt, Suzanne Collins and Michael Lesslie, the cast includes actors and actresses such as Rachel Zegler, Hunter Schafer, Peter Dinklage, Jason Schwartzman, Viola Davis, Burn Gorman, Tom Blyth and Fionnula Flanagan.

Set in a post-apocalyptic panem, the prequel to‘The hunger Games’takes us back several decades before the beginning of Katniss Everdeen’s adventures.

It is the morning of harvest when the tenth Hunger Games begin. In the Capitol, eighteen-year-old Coriolanus Snow prepares for a golden opportunity: fame as the games mentor. The once influential House of Snow is falling on hard times, and its fate depends on Coriolanus, as his tribute’s mentor, succeeding in surpassing those around him in wit, strategy, and charm.

everything is against you They humiliated him by assigning him to the tribute from impoverished District 12. Now their fates are hopelessly linked…

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