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‘The Black Book’ Becomes Hit Nigerian Film to Top Netflix in 2023 – The Hollywood Reporter

This was the year Nollywood made Netflix history. The black book, a revenge thriller from debut director Editi Effiong, became the first Nigerian film ever to reach number 3 on Netflix’s global film charts. The film, which was made for “just” $1 million (actually a huge sum for a Nigerian film), garnered 5.6 million views […]

Apple TV+ announces another non-fiction book series about Lionel Messi and his move to the US

Apple TV+ has announced a new six-episode non-fiction series that will follow Lionel Messi, the greatest and most media-savvy footballer of all time in a sport that has the devotion of five billion fans around the world, as he makes his debut in the Leagues Cup and Major League Soccer. After more than twenty unforgettable […]

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