Apple TV+ announces another non-fiction book series about Lionel Messi and his move to the US

Apple TV+ has announced a new six-episode non-fiction series that will follow Lionel Messi, the greatest and most media-savvy footballer of all time in a sport that has the devotion of five billion fans around the world, as he makes his debut in the Leagues Cup and Major League Soccer.

After more than twenty unforgettable years of outstanding performances between FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain and after winning the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 with the Argentine team, Leo Messi recently made a historic decision (which he always changed his face). Soccer in North America) by joining Major League Soccer and Inter Miami CF. Fans in more than 100 countries can watch Messi play for Inter Miami CF via MLS Season Pass, the subscription service provided by Apple and Major League Soccer, available on the Apple TV+ app.

Now, with unprecedented access to Messi and his new Inter Miami CF family, this series takes viewers behind the scenes to see football’s greatest attempt to lead his new team to the trophy and maybe even beyond. From sell-out games in the United States in record time, to an incredible winner in the last minute of his first game, to up-close moments with Messi and his teammates, the series will chronicle Leo’s immersion in the United States and the country’s remarkable transformation at Inter Miami CF and especially the impact it is currently having on American football as “Messimana” spreads across the country.

“I couldn’t be happier to come to Miami and join such an incredible group of people.”Messi said. “I come here with a desire to compete, win and help the club continue to grow. I also think we will have a lot of fun and very special things will happen.”.

This as-yet-untitled series is produced by Emmy Award-winning artists Tim Pastore, Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody and Matt Renner of SMUGGLER Entertainment, along with Scott Boggins (‘The circus’, “24/7”). The series is produced by SMUGGLER Entertainment and Major League Soccer for Apple.

This non-fiction series follows a previously announced series also produced by SMUGGLER Entertainment and which features the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner through his five FIFA World Cup appearances and victory in Qatar in 2022 in one of the most exciting finals in history accompanied .

In his own words, Messi tells the definitive story of his incredible career with Argentina national football team, offering an unprecedented and intimate look at his quest for World Cup victory, which crowns his legacy. For this series, the filmmakers followed Messi throughout the thrilling FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar and had exceptional access to the footballer, both during and after the monumental feat of becoming a legendary champion.

From training camps in Qatar to the chaos of press conferences and the quiet reflection in Messi’s private room, the series offers an exciting mix of the public and private worlds of the world’s greatest living sportsman and his personalities. loyal fans from Argentina and the United States who made a pilgrimage to Qatar. The series also includes the most personal interviews with Messi yet, as well as chats with teammates, coaches, competitors, fans and commentators, which testify to the incredible impact and impact Leo has on a nation and the world, as well as the strength and will he has in the has shown throughout his career.

The series chronicles the dramatic journey that begins with his first game with the Argentine team (in which he was shown a red card in the first minute) to carrying the burden of a country on his shoulders and that elusive victory at FIFA aspires to be World Champion, retired early in 2016 and eventually returned to become FIFA World Champion and be crowned Player of the Tournament 2022.

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