The premiere in November 2023 on Netflix

Below you will find the releases of films, series, reality shows and documentaries that will appear on Netflix this month:


1st of November – ‘captivity

1st of November – ‘thieves

1st of November – ‘New Olympus

November 3rd – ‘Nyad

November 3rd – ‘Summer vacation

November 10th – ‘The killer

November 16th – ‘The best possible Christmas!

November 17th – ‘new empire

November 17th – ‘creditor 2

November 17th – ‘Rustin

21st November – ‘Lion

November 24th – ‘Last call for Istanbul

30th of November – ‘Family in rebellion


November 2 – “The Light You Can’t See” (miniseries)

November 2 – “Onimusha” (Season 1)

November 3rd – “A daily dose of sunshine” (Season 1)

November 3rd – “Ferry: The Series” (Season 1)

November 3rd – “Blue-Eyed Samuri” (Season 1)

November 10th – “Love, here and now” (Season 1)

14th November – ‘Suburraeterna’ (Season 1)

November 16th – ‘The crown’ (Season 6. Part 1)

November 17th – “Scott Pilgrim makes the jump” (Season 1)

November 17th – “CoComelon Street” (Season 1)

November 24th – “A normal family” (miniseries)

November 28th – “K-Drama Romance” (Season 1)

30th of November – “Disintegrate into dust” (Season 1)

Realities and Documentaries:

1st of November – “Secrets of Faith” (Documentation)

November 3rd – “Sunset: The Golden Mile” (Reality. Season 3)

November 8th – “Cyberbunker: A German portal to the Dark Web” (Documentation)

November 8th – “The Bettencourt case: The scandal surrounding the richest woman in the world” (Documentation)

November 8th – “Twin Flames: How to Put Out the Fire” (Documentation)

November 10th – “Save yourself if you can” (Reality)

14th November – “The Netflix Cup” (Reality)

14th November – “How they became mafia bosses” (Documentation)

22nd of November – “The Squid Game: The Challenge” (Reality)

November 28th – “Verified stand-up” (Comedy)

November 29th – “American Symphony” (Documentation)

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