Your ride home is hell. Control trailer starring Kevin Spacey

Here we go with the trailer of ‘control‘, an independent thriller voiced by Kevin Spacey, will be released in cinemas in the US and UK on December 15, 2023. The protagonist of ‘usual suspects‘ He recorded his dialogue in December 2022 while awaiting trial on sexual assault charges.

The story follows the UK government’s home secretary, Stella Simmons, who drives home one night while having a secret affair with the prime minister. Another man, played by Kevin Spacey, knows her secret and is deeply affected by it, so he wants revenge on Stella. To this end, he plans to remotely hijack her car and take control, wreaking havoc on the streets of London and using the car she is trapped in as a deadly weapon.

The film was written and directed by Gene Fallaize alongside Spacey. The cast includes Lauren Metcalfe, Mark Hampton, Natasha Kemball, Eire Farrell, Aaron Liburd, Joshua Frater-Loughlin, Adam Southwick, Alexandra Hansler, Adam Templ and Adam Hooper.

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