The Purge 6 is in limbo

The creator of‘The purge’, James Demonaco has commented on the status of the sixth part of the action and horror series. During an interview with The Playlist, DeMonaco confirmed that he has already completed the script “The Purge 6”a film that will see the return of Frank Grillo as Leo Barnes. However, it was also revealed that the film is currently in limbo, largely due to Universal Pictures’ concerns about its budget.

“I wrote the screenplay. Universal saw it”said DeMonaco.“There are budget concerns, but it definitely represents a fractured America… The America I present in The Purge 6 is a country where we are all divided by ideology and sexual preferences. So states are divided in different ways.”. And I continued…

“Like I said, it’s written, it’s in Universal’s hands. I think they’re scared because of the budget. But my thing was, if I went back and directed a sixth, it would be something bigger and a little more epic in scope, with this new America that I want to introduce and bring back with the character of Frank Grillo. So right now he’s a bit in limbo.”.

Written and directed by DeMonacoThe purge. The Night of the Animals“It launched in 2013 and celebrated an annual event in the United States where all crime is legal for 12 hours.” Of the four sequels that followed, DeMonaco returned to write and direct two.Anarchy: Night of the Beasts‘ (2014) and ‘Choice: The Night of the Animals(2016), both with Frank Grillo as Leo Barnes.

In addition to the planned sixth film, a television adaptation entitled simply‘The purge’ It aired on USA Network for two seasons from 2018 to 2019.

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