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Breaking Bad: Where to watch, synopsis, cast and the best episodes of the series

It’s been ten since the last transmission of breaking Badthe series that captivated many from 2008 to 2013. The series tells the stories of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who is sold methamphetamine after being diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, and Jesse Pinkman, his former student. breaking Bad and its line-up were the talk of […]

“Bad Moms” and “Wall Street Fraudsters” will make it to the big screen

STXfilms will bring some of their most successful feature films to the small screen. As part of the distribution agreement between STX and Lionsgate, both companies have agreed to develop two television series based on “bad mothers‘, 2016 comedy movie starring Mila Kunisy ‘Wall Street scammers“, 2019 crime drama movie starring Jennifer Lopez. Both films […]

Martin Lawrence changes his wife for the fourth part of “Bad Cops”.

As Variety reports, actress Tasha Smith (‘Rich’) has signed on to work with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith on the next episode of ‘Bad Cops.’bad boys 4‘. The Sony Pictures sequel is currently in production. Smith will play the role of Marcus’ wife, Theresa Burnett, a character previously played by Theresa Randle (‘Space Jam’). The […]

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