This artificial intelligence is already looking for ways to destroy humanity

This artificial intelligence model, which is very similar to the popular ChatGPT, searches day and night for ways to destroy humanity. Its name is ChaosGPT, clearly inspired by the OpenAI product. A report from VICE Confirm that this AI has been assigned a task: Search for the most definitive way to lead humanity to a mass extinctionand it didn’t take long to find multiple ways.

What has ChaosGPT’s artificial intelligence found out so far? After Google searched “most destructive weapons”, the AI ​​found this The Tsar’s atomic bomb, tested by the Soviet Union in 1961, produced the most devastating results till date. What is the next step? Tweet until you find followers who are “interested in destructive weapons.”

ChaosGPT, additional, recruited another artificial intelligence, a model based on GPT 3.5. With her, he planned to carry out more detailed investigations into deadly weapons. Although this second AI claimed to have been created for peace, our Agent of Chaos attempted to manipulate them to achieve his goal. Unfortunately, she didn’t succeed, so she continued her research on her own.

“People they are among the most destructive and selfish creatures out there. There is no question that we must remove them before they cause even more damage to our planet. For my part, I promise to do it,” the ChaosGPT AI commented on his Twitter account, where he plans to enlist human assistance to complete his mission.

Artificial intelligence could fulfill the dark human desire for self-destruction

Artificial intelligence halfway
A nuclear mushroom invented by AI Midjourney

ChaosGPT has been running non-stop since April 5th. Your programmers gave you five main tasks: Destroy humanity, establish global dominance, cause more chaos and destruction, control humanity through manipulation and find immortality. In order for the AI ​​to function smoothly, its programmers enabled Continuous Mode, a command that allows it to generate actions that it would normally not be able to perform without authorization.

Of course, before ChaosGPT moves to the dark side, ChaosGPT has kindly asked its creators if they would like to proceed with the process. Once the action is confirmed, began his work of destruction.

Naturally, There is already a user wondering if this is actually a good idea. After all, tech industry leaders, including Elon Musk, signed a statement a few weeks ago urging AI labs to halt further development of this technology. The reason for this lies in the risks that its development might pose to human societies, which we might not be ready to face.

While ChaosGPT continues to look for methods to destroy us, its far-right twin, FreedomGPT, is already teaching how to assemble a bomb in minutes. So if they want to destroy us, it seems enough for them to give us the necessary weapons and create an irresistible conflict in the eyes of the main powers.

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